This recipe is for websites that are hosted on or resellers such as PotentiaHosting.comâ„¢.

These steps detail how to set up your database on a server. offers a wide range of tools equal to the tools discussed in previous section. However handles setting up your new hosting in a very different manner.

By following these steps you will have your site's database up and running in no time.

Getting ready

What you will need:

  •® username / number and password
  • Your four digit security code or credit card information - this information is required. should you need to contact technical support.
Now Started To Creating Database In Godaddy.Com

1. Login to® using your username and password.

2. To reach the database setup, we have to navigate through the menu.

3. Click Hosting.

4. Under My Products choose Hosting - this will take you to the control panel:

The preceding screenshot shows (in our example) two accounts - yours will show the
number of accounts you have purchased.

5. Now click on Manage Account next to the Hosting Account you wish to set up.

6. You will be taken to the Hosting Control Center control panel - choose Databases - you will see the following icon.

7. Once you click the MySQL icon you are taken into the set up system. Click the
Database button on the upper right:

8. This screen is where you will enter all your information.

9. How to complete this screen:
  • ‰‰ Provide a Description (example: Joomla! 1.5 website)
  • ‰‰ Provide a MySQL Database/User Name. Note that on® this means both the database name and the Username are identical. This will be important for your Joomla! installation
  • ‰‰ Create a strong password and repeat it. See the tips® provides for creating a strong password - labeled How to Generate a Strong Password.
  • ‰‰ For our purposes you can leave the Read-Only User Name, New Password/Confirm Password sections blank
  • ‰‰ Choose MySQL Version 5.0
  • ‰‰ Click OK
10. The next step on® can take a few hours in some cases. So don't panic if it states Pending Setup for a very long time. You will see a screen like the following until the database is set up:

11. In your database list (see the preceding screenshot) once it is complete click the
pencil icon on the right:

Clicking this will provide the critical details you will need to set up Joomla! You should
see a screen similar to the one shown in the following screenshot:

12. Record your details here:
Status: Should read Setup
Host Name: ______________________________
Database Name: __________________________
User Name: ______________________________
Password: _________________________________ (optional as you should have
recorded it earlier)

13. Check database to ensure it is working
On the same screen you are currently looking at, click Open Manager in the upper
right corner:

This will open the database manager for you. You will see the following screen and
you will need your Username and Password:

14. Populate the Username and Password and click Go.
This will take you to a screen similar to this:

You will see on the left your database under information_schema. It should say (0)
next to it. In our case it reads: joomlacookbook(0).

This indicates your database is set up. In the next recipe you will install Joomla!