Introduction To Joomla

Installation of Joomla! 1.5 is typically very simple. While there are very few choices in hosting you need to make to install Joomla!, many users are tripped up by some common pitfalls. This process will show you how to install Joomla! on two different but common types of hosting platform.
We will look at setting up the database on two common hosting platforms, cPanel and Both of the hosting systems offer various and important features, yet each accomplishes setup of your database in a different manner.
In this procss we will be covering:
  1. ffSetting up of the database
  2. ffGetting the necessary details from your database server
  3. ffLogging in to the database to ensure it's working
The first host type we'll cover is a cPanel based host, which is found in many, many hosting platforms. The examples we use are from the popular host which hosts
The other hosting platform we discuss is Each approaches the task of the database setup very differently, yet they accomplish the same goal - setting up your database for Joomla!.
Once you get past the hurdle of setting up the database on the host, then the steps to install Joomla! are the same. This process will show you how to install an FTP client, set up each host, and then how to setup Joomla! 1.5.
Our first recipe is setting up the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) using an Open source application called FileZilla. You will use the FTP program to transfer the Joomla! 1.5 source files from your local machine to your server.

Joomla! has a few requirements such as username, passwords, language, and whether or not you wish to implement the FTP layer.

Getting it wrong the first time is not the end of the world and is easily fixed by reinstalling or by correcting the install.

Downloading the source for Joomla! should only take a few minutes and opening it is easy on most any Modern Windows or Macintosh Machine.